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x 2010 維港雲翔 193x378 cm x 4 (ink and acrylic on fabric)x 2010 Sky-land Expression #10  天地情之十  84x84.5 cm (ink and colours on paper) x 2011 Sky-land Expression #17 天地情十七 98.5x98 cm (ink and colours on paper) x 2011 City Melody #4 城韻之四 98x98 cm ( ink and colours on paper)


x 2000 River Map 河圖 76x76 cm (ink and colours on paper) x 2001 River of the Heart #3 心河之三 76x76 cm (acrylic on canvas) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Exif_JPEG_PICTURE x 2008 Spreading the Roots  展根之九 150x82cm x 2 (ink and colours on paper) x 2009 City Melody #1 城韻之一  68.5x68.5 cm ( ink and colours on paper) Exif_JPEG_PICTURE


x 1990 Ancient Dream #2 故夢之二 92x91.5 cm (ink and colours on paper) x 1990 Clouds above Plain 雲原 65x131 cm (ink and colours on paper) x 1990 Distant Thoughts #19 遠懷十九 (ink and colours on paper) x 1991 Autumn Waters #6 秋水之六 96x96 cm (acrylic on fabric) copy x 1991 Autumn Waters #9 秋水之九 70x71 cm (ink and colours on paper) x 1993 Far-reaching Thoughts #6 浩思之六 61x61 cm ( oil on canvas) x 1994 Serene Thoughts #1 幽懷之一 183x122 cm (oil on canvas) x 1995 Distant Thoughts #22 遠懷廿二 87x87 cm (oil on canvas) x 1995 Grand Thoughts #1 宏懷之一 122x183 cm (oil on canvas) x 1997 Far-reaching Thoughts #10 浩思之十 46x141 cm  (ink and colours on paper) x 1997 Grand Thoughts #2 宏懷之二 67x139 cm  (ink and colours on paper) x 1997 Soaring Clouds #1 雲翔之一 68.5x68.5 cm  (ink and colours on paper)


x 1985 Lake Dream 湖夢之一 72.5x190.5 cm  (ink and colours on paper) x 1985 Mountain Dream #8 山夢之八 82x54 cm (ink and colours on paper) x 1987 Meditation #10 澄懷之十 138.5x68.5 cm (ink and colours on paper) x 1987 Remote Springss #11 逸泉十一  69x70 cm (ink and colours on paper) x 1987 Secluded Cliffs #2  幽崖之二 56x80 cm (ink and colours on paper) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


x 1970 Thoughts Across the Lands 遙思 183.5x65 cm (ink and colors on paper) x 1971  Interrupted Landscape 斷景 180x95 cm 138x97cm x 4 (ink and colors on paper) x 1973 Elevation 離升 92x95 cm (ink and colors on paper) x 1975 Boundless Vision #6 宏視之六 177x95 cm (ink and colors on paper) copy x 1975 Space #3 空間之三 56.5x82 cm (ink and colors on paper) x 1979 Boundless Thoughts 宏思四連屏 138x96 cm x 4 (ink and colors on paper) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA x 1979 Solitary Heights 孤高 185x97 cm  (ink and colors on paper)


x 1963 Landscape #1 風景之一 72x94 cm (ink and colours on paper) Exif_JPEG_PICTURE x 1964 Landscape #3 風景之三 56x56 cm (ink on paper) x 1964 Mountain Dwelling 山居 41x77 cm (ink and colours on paper) x 1965 Long Journey 路遙94x168 cm (ink and colours on paper) x 1966 Autumn Equinox 秋分  94x94 cm (ink and colours on paper) x 1966 Four Square Divisions 四格  95x96cm (ink on paper)


1969 Principles of 2D Design (Early Bilingual Version) x 1972 Principles of 2D Design, English Version 1974 Principles of 2D Design ( Chinese Version) 1980 Principles of 3D Design (Chinese Version) 1986 Principles of 3D Design 1987 Principles of Color Design 1988  Principles of 2D Form 1990  Principles of Chinese Landscape Painting 1999  Principles of Color Design (2nd Edition) 1999 Principles of Form and Design 2001 Visual Design on the Computer


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